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Privacy Policy

Your Personal Information:

When you sign up for our test prep software, we will ask you for the following information: First Name, Last Name, Contact Phone Number, Email Address, Credit Card number, and Credit Card Expiration Date. We will use the phone number or email address to contact you only if we have to (for example, to notify you of a substantial change in FAA testing requirements or procedures, to get your assistance if your credit card declines, to email you a receipt if you request one, etc.) We do not advertise via email or phone, and we do not sell, give, or otherwise grant anyone other than Sheppard Air, Inc. personnel access to your personal information.

Internet Communications Conducted by the Flight Test software:

If you have an internet connection when you start up the Flight Test software, the program will send a series of requests for information to our Internet server computers. The program asks the server:

  • if your username and password are valid,
  • if the software registration number is valid,
  • for the server's current date and time,
  • for the most recent database number for the question database you are studying, and
  • for the most recent Flight Test software revision number.

These communications occur when you first start up the Flight Test software program and then every few hours after; the software gives you on-screen messages so you know when these communications are taking place. This way we are able to ensure the questions you are studying are up-to-date, provided you do have an Internet connection. (FAA questions change frequently, often several times a quarter, so it is essential to check for and receive updates as often as possible.) All of the above communication processes are request-type processes; in other words, only a request for information is sent from your computer, and then the actual information comes back to you from our server. The only times that any actual information is sent from your computer to our central computer is the following:

  • when you download, install, and then run the Flight Test program for the first time, the Flight Test software will send our server the registration number of the software copy and database copy installed on your computer (it's a long series of apparently random letters and numbers), and
  • when the Flight Test software gets a reply from the server that it can't understand, it will send a short error message back to the server stating which reply from the server was garbled. Absolutely no other information is opened, loaded, searched for, or sent from your computer to our central computer.

We make every effort to ensure that our software comes to you completely virus-free (which is one reason it is packaged the way it is), and we do not allow any type of spyware or pop-ups to reside on or within any of our web site pages, our Internet server, or our software packages.

Our Service Commitment to You:

Sheppard Air's primary interest is in providing you with an outstanding computer-based training system for preparing you for your FAA test. We are here providing our subscribers 24-hour a day, 365-day a year personal technical support because of our commitment to your success. If you have further questions, please call us and ask us in person.

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