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Nearest Testing Center Providing FAA Testing

Need help finding the nearest location to take an FAA test... take a look below.

Many military installations offer FAA tests for FREE. In addition, there are two commercial companies authorized to provide FAA testing: CATS and PSI Lasergrade. All FBO's, colleges, and flight schools that provide FAA testing for a fee are affiliated with one of the two commercial companies. Those two companies offer some discounts for either AOPA or EAA members. FAA testing prices change occasionally... for more on prices, click here.

After studying for your test with our study course, you can take your test at a military installation, a CATS test center, or a PSI Lasergrade test center... your choice.

FREE TESTS !! Tests are available for FREE to applicable military/government personnel at LOTS of military installations worldwide, and the FAA is trying to equip as many installations as they can. To see the list on the FAA's web site, click the link that follows below. Note that the FAA doesn't update their list except once a year even though new military installations are being outfitted with FREE FAA testing all the time. So if your military installation isn't on the list, call the education office at the installation and ask them if they can give FREE FAA tests yet.



The following information is for the commercial testing centers:

To locate your nearest CATS center, click on the CATS Locater link below. On the CATS locater screen, ignore the address and distance boxes and click on the state on the U.S. map you want to test in. Then click on 'Just show me the locations!'

To locate your nearest PSI Lasergrade center, click the PSI Lasergrade Locater link below. On the PSI Lasergrade locater screen, in the FAA Test type box, select 'All other FAA tests.' and enter your zip code in the location box.

The FAA List of Centers below is a consolidated list of all CATS and PSI Lasergrade centers. However, only the FAA List of Centers below lists the testing centers outside of the United States. You can't find a testing center outside the United States using the CATS or PSI Lasergrade online locaters, you have to look at the FAA List of Centers.

If you don't find a test center near you by using one of the links below, then call the 1-800 phone numbers for CATS and PSI Lasergrade and ask them in person to find a testing center near you (because some testing sites don't seem to show up using the online locaters.)

CATS Locater
CATS: 1-800-947-4228

PSI Lasergrade Locater
PSI Lasergrade: 1-800-211-2754

FAA List of Centers

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