FAA Test Price

FAA Test-taking prices went up by 50% on March 1, 2010, and now they are going up again.

Back on March 1, 2010, the price to take an FAA test went up by $50 (from $100 to $150). That was due to new requirements the FAA placed on the two testing companies that forced them (CATS and PSI Lasergrade) to charge a new $50 ODA fee.

Now the price for a test is likely to go up again. The testing companies are anticipating increased costs due to paperless processing of applicant sign-ups/registrations. So don't be surprised if your basic price for a test goes up by $15 to $165.

PSI Lasergrade is currently offering AOPA ($10) discounts and EAA ($5) discounts.

As always, we wanted to keep you informed.


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