What's up with FAA Test Changes?

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Bottom Line Up Front: We've provided you information below if you'd like to read more about the subject of FAA test changes; but the bottom line is that if you study with our software, you don't need to worry about the current turmoil and rapid pace of FAA test changes and all the rumors floating around. We provide updates 24-hours a day, NOT only every 6 or 12 months; that way you don't get surprises on a test you take in May because you didn't have the changes that came out over the 5 previous months. Also, the message system built into our software allows us to broadcast notices to you rapidly so we can keep you from taking a test if you should really wait a day or two. As always, we are the only company who backs our FAA test top-off courses with a No-Surprises Money-Back guarantee... so if we don't do our job professionally and you see new, scored questions on your test, we don't get paid and you study for free.

Background Information

FAA tests are under pressure at this time as the tests are gradually re-written and transformed. You can read more about testing transformation goals in the April 13, 2012 ARC report available here. The testing re-write objectives are terrific, and as long as you study with the corresponding SA course for your test, you'll do great on your test, and you will enjoy the test experience (and you won't have to worry about all the rumors that swirl around at times like this)..

FAA publishes a "Whats New and Upcoming in Airman Testing" document perodically. Be careful when you read it... sometimes people are alarmed by what they incorrectly interpret as sudden, drastic changes. But there is no need for anxiety over FAA testing changes. You can read the latest one at http://www.faa.gov/training_testing/testing/

All of the FAA test modification activity (and resulting rumors) can make some test-takers nervous about taking an FAA test right now. So what should you do? Our answer is incredibly predictable, but sincere: call us for our tailored study courses and personal support. If you're not already using our software, you should know that for 19 years we've been providing professional test preparation for FAA tests, and for that entire time we've chosen to share the risks with you. We've done so by always backing our test prep software with a one-of-a-kind, No-Surprises money-back guarantee... so if we don't do our jobs well enough, and you see a new, scored question on your test we didn't have you study, you get your money back.. it's that simple. In addition, we support you with experienced instructors available in person by telephone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Clearly, any company that's watching your back by updating their databases 24-hours-a-day and providing in-person support to you around the clock places your success first. So the bottom line is this: whether it's because your friends have told you to use us since it worked great for them, or because you read great things about us online, or just because our money-back guarantee gives you nothing to lose, please let our team help you to succeed.


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