Military Competency to Flight Instructor Paperwork Guide

This guide will help you to prepare and submit your FAA application form.

Please follow this 4-step checklist (use every "click here"):

Step #1: Fill in an FAA Form 8710-1 Application:
UPDATE (October 2015): The FAA's online application system, called IACRA, has now been updated to be able to process Military Competency Instructor applications. Follow the instructions found at to use IACRA, and use the '8710-1 Guide' below to fill in your flying hours in IACRA.

Please read the 8710-1 Guide below for more specific details on the Application form. If you need a blank 8710-1 application (which you should not now that IACRA will accept MCI applications) you can get a blank FAA Form 8710-1 by clicking here.

Filling out this form can be hard, so just follow our 8710-1 Guide so you don't miss anything. Click here for the 8710-1 Guide that will even help you with the FAR references to different types of piloting time for filling in the flying times in Section III.

Please follow the IACRA instructions and the 8710-1 Guide above first, then cross-check your completed 8710-1, which you print during the Review portion of IACRA, against this example FAA Form 8710-1 for Military Competency to Flight Instructor (click here).

Step #2: Gather the other necessary documents:
Click here for the guide to the paperwork you'll need in addition to the Form 8710-1 above.

Step #3: Locate your nearest FAA FSDO or Designated Examiner:
Locate a convenient FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) or local Designated Examiner... you can turn in your paperwork and receive your new Flight Instructor Certificate with a Designated Examiner or an Inspector at a FSDO. The first link below will help you find FSDOs; the second link contains several good examiners. The third link is to the FAA's Designated Pilot Examiner locator.

Click here for the FAA's FSDO locator.

Click here for FAA FSDO MCI Processing Feedback

Click here for the Designated Pilot Examiner locator

- Note: If you use this Designated Pilot Examiner locator page on the FAA web site, you will first select the radio button for 'Pilot Examiners', then select a Designee Type of 'MCFPE - Military Competency / Foreign Pilot Examiner', select an 'FAA Office' that seems geographically close to you, and then click 'Search'.

Step #4: We recommend you take the following resources with you to the FSDO.
We recommend you take the following resources with you to the FSDO. You may meet an Inspector who hasn't processed a Military Competency to Flight Instructor application yet. Haying these items with you will help the inspector locate the information he or she needs to process your application.

  • Click on the N8900.180 Inspector Job Guide link below, print a copy, and take it with you to the FSDO:
    N8900.180 Click Here
  • Take the two web addresses below with you. You can click the link for a 'Printer Friendly Version' and print them out, or just write them down:
    Click Here For Printer Friendly Version

The Federal Registry Final Rule:
The new wording of 14 CFR 61.73 on the GPO website (this link may change slightly the morning of October 20th when the amendment takes effect): http://ecfroboaccess.ciovicoiffftextffext-idx? c=ecfr&sid=578e6afb941eb67a1a23e77967351e35&ran=div8&view=text&node=14-2.0 1.1 2.2 1.9&idno=14

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