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Here are the top reasons our subscribers choose us.

#1 - My friend, flight instructor, flight school, or FAA examiner said that I should definitely use Sheppard Air.

Chances are that a friend or other person you trust told you about us and our courses, and it was their personal recommendation that directed you to our site. What better reason could there be?

#2 - Study material accuracy that's money-back guaranteed.

Our study courses are up-to-date constantly, not weekly, monthly or yearly. That's a big part of why our instructor staff is here 24/7... to watch your back... and to connect the largest community of current FAA test takers. And you receive question and course updates automatically so your study course is never "static." While other companies are reprinting old questions from years ago and just stamping a new year on the front, we are here 24 hours a day keeping you current! We even guarantee it. We guarantee that you will not see any scored questions on your actual FAA Written Exam that we did not have in our course for you to study. That's right, you study with our course for any test, and you will not see any scored questions but those questions on your test - or you get all your money back!

#3 - Refined Study Strategy and Minimum Score Guarantee.

Our study course learning platform and the strategy you use to study are designed to avoid the "negative learning" hurdles still present to this day in other software-based study programs. The features in our learning platform take advantage of learning science to allow you to learn the material at the fastest pace possible and with much greater clarity. In fact, the learning platform and study strategy are so successful that we back three of our study courses with a one-of-a-kind minimum score guarantee. If you score less than a 90% on your ATM, ATH, or Flight Engineer test, we will give you all of your money back, period! The scores on these three tests are taken into consideration as discriminating factors by many carriers when making interview and hiring decisions. We put 100% effort into backing your career efforts, so we back these three tests with this one-of-a-kind money back guarantee.

#4 - 24 hour-a-day, 365 day-a-year Personal Telephone Instructor/Tech Support.

No other FAA test prep company makes this commitment to their customers. It's simple... we're here providing our subscribers 24 hour-a-day, 365 day-a-year personal telephone support. This is not third-party email or electronic chat support, but personal support provided by the same FAA certificated instructors who write and update the study course material. When you're studying for a test that you need for an airline application, for a new career, or for a test that you need for your upcoming interview, you want to know that a person is standing by ready to help you if:

  • you have a last minute question on the day of your test.
  • you work an unusual schedule and 8:00-5:00 support doesn't cut it for you.
  • you are studying from a computer with a unique configuration or on a secure network and need extra setup help.
  • you just don't understand the answer or explanation to a question and you want an FAA certificated instructor to walk you thru it.

#5 - You don't need an Internet connection to study.

Some programs require you to have internet access to study. Ours does not. So you can study with your laptop/netbook/iPad anywhere, Internet or not. Worried that you aren't getting the automated updates if you don't have internet access when you're studying? Don't worry. Just call us 24/7 and we can tell you if your study materials are current... and if you do need an update, there are a number of ways we can get it to you.

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