#7: Can I use my military flight physical to fly civilian aircraft? Yes, provided the flying you're doing only requires a Class III medical, and provided that your crew position in the military is Pilot (not Nay, WSO, Flight Engineer, etc.) Here's the new wording of FAR 61.23 (b)(9):

(b)Operations not requiring a medical certificate. A person is not required to hold a medical certificate—

(3) When exercising the privileges of a pilot certificate with a glider category rating or balloon class rating in a glider or a balloon, as appropriate:

(7) When serving as an Examiner or check airman and administering a practical test or proficiency check for an airman certificate. rating. or authorization conducted in a glider, balloon, flight simulator, or flight training device:

(8) When taking a practical test or a proficiency check for a certificate, rating. authorization or operating privilege conducted in a glider. balloon, flight simulator, or flight training device: or

(9) When a military pilot of the U.S. Armed Forces can show evidence of an up-to-date medical examination authorizing pilot flight status issued by the U.S. Armed Forces and—

(i) The flight does not require higher than a third-class medical certificate: and

(ii) The flight conducted is a domestic flight operation within U.S. airspace.