#5: I am a foreign military IP serving with the U.S. armed forces, assigned to a U.S military squadron... am I eligible for the Mil Comp to flight instructor? No, not according to the the FSIMS job guide (Volume 5, Chapter 2, Section 15) that addresses this question. Here is the applicable text:

3)    Actions to issue a flight instructor certificate based on military qualifications apply to current and former U.S. military instructor pilots, and current and former U.S. military pilot examiners. Unlike applicants for pilot certificates, military pilots from a foreign contracting State to the Convention on International Civil Aviation are not eligible for a flight instructor certificate based on 61.73. These military flight instructor applicants must present official U.S. military records as defined in 61.73. Other applicants may appear to be pilots and flight instructors in the U.S. Armed Forces when they are not. Applicants such as civilians employed by the U.S. Armed Forces, contractors to the U.S. Armed Forces, police, and employees of other government agencies are not to be issued pilot certificates based on 61.73 and their employment..